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4 Modern Granite Fountains

May 03, 2017_ in Landscaping, Fountain Maintenance . 0 Comments.

Stone can be transformed into many shapes, designs and styles. Although stone fountains are typically thought of as the classic tiered designs, stone looks beautiful in modern designs, too. Take a look at four modern granite fountains:

1. Urn Fountain

This fountain is handcarved from Wild Rose granite and has a bush hammered finish. It has simple shapes from top to bottom to capture the modern design. The minimal carved details finish off the sleek design.

Urn fountain

Stone finish

2. Tolken Fountain

This modern fountain features simple, but elegant, geometric shapes. It is handcarved from Giallo Fantasia granite and topped with a round accent planter. Water gracefully trickles down the four sides of the fountain into the square basin. 

Modern fountain design

3. Ring Fountain

This modern fountain is one-of-a-kind! It combines a large, multicolored marble ring, a granite ball and a wild rose granite basin. The water pressure keeps the ball rolling for an intriguing display. 

Ring fountain

4. Twist Fountain

This bubbling fountain will add the soothing sound of flowing water to your landscape. This fountain is handcarved from charcoal grey granite. It features alternating polished and rock-face finishes on the four sides. As the water flows down the sides of the fountain, it accents the different finishes. 

Granite fountain‚Äč

We specialize in creating custom fountains for your home. Contact us to start designing your custom modern fountain. 


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