From small to large and simple to intricate, tiered fountains are filled with endless beauty. These fountains vary in sizes and stone types and last for generations. Take a look at a few different tiered fountain styles for your landscape or garden:

Two-Tier Fountains

The egg-dart self- contained two-tier fountain on the left is the definition of elegance! This fountain complements any landscape with its intricate acanthus carvings on the pedestal and base. Another two-tier fountain style is the mermaid fountain with a classical dolphin pedestal. This fountain is a tribute to the sea, and includes two mermaids with clam shell bowls....

Bronze is an exquisite material for sculptures and fountains. Learn how to care for your bronze display to preserve the natural beauty of the material. 

The good news is bronze doesn’t need too much care or maintenance. Regular cleanings will keep your piece in good shape.

One of the most important things you can do to take care of your bronze piece is remove the dust regularly. Dust buildup can cause the wax coating to wear off quicker than normal. You can use a soft cloth or brush to wipe off the loose dust. You can also use the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner to remove the dust. 

Don’t use abrasive cloths or...

Bronze sculptures are a beautiful and unique accent to your home or landscape. Creating bronze sculptures uses an intricate process called lost wax casting. Lost wax casting is the process by which bronze is cast from an artist’s sculpture. The lost wax casting method was developed over 4,000 years ago and is one of the most precise metal casting methods in use. Follow the 13 step process:


The lost wax casting process begins with the artist creating a sculpture from wax, clay or other similar material.

Mold Making

Next a mold is made of the original sculpture. The mold usually has an inner mold made of latex,...

Bronze fountains are a great way to add sophistication and whimsy to your landscape. Bronze is a timeless, classic medium that brings warmth and head-turning beauty to any design. Below are five examples of beautiful bronze fountains to accent your home. 

Four-Ladies Dancing on Urn with Pedestal

This beautiful fountain is the perfect way to add elegance and interest to your landscape. The fountain showcases four ladies dancing. Each figure has exquisite and unique details. The earthy colors of bronze blend will blend into your landscape beautifully. 

Learn more about this fountain here. 

Ladies Playing Music Fountain

Bronze is a unique material. The level of detail that can be achieved using bronze is truly remarkable. (Our sculptors use lost wax casting methods by starting the process with clay models which allows them to capture hair, cloth, fur, feathers, scales, and other textures with incredible realism.)  

Bronze is beautiful, distinguishable and durable; perfect for an outdoor setting. This material features many qualities that allow the pieces to last for centuries. 

Below are a few beautiful bronze sculpture designs you will be sure to love:

Standing Bear

This bear statue is the perfect conversation piece. The statue features...

Make Your Yard Unique

Are you looking for something special for your lawn?   Do you want something beautiful, distinguishable and durable?  If you are longing for beauty and elegance for your yard, consider adding a bronze sculpture. 

Bronze sculptures have been around for centuries.  Ancient civilizations such as the Greeks used bronze to sculpt life-size human figures.  It boasts many qualities that have allowed it to endure through the ages, including strength, durability against corrosion and timeless beauty.

A bronze sculpture in your yard will exude elegance that will be noted by every passerby.  Take pride in...

Add a touch of classical sophistication to your outdoor landscape, with bronze wildlife sculptures, decorative bronze statues and bronze fountains.

Carved Stone Creations now offers you the option of incorporating outdoor bronze sculptures, including bronze fountains and bronze statuary, into your landscape. Bronze sculptures are a beautiful way to complement your granite fountain or stone garden statuary fountains.

Fall in love with your favorite work of art from our ever-growing selection of:

  • Bronze Fountains
  • Life Size Bronze Statues
  • Bronze Garden Statues
  • Decorative...

If you have decided to remodel your home’s kitchen, one of the most important purchases you will make is your choice of kitchen sink. The kitchen sink is more than just a place to wash your hands, food, and dishes. It is a crucial component of your kitchen. You want your kitchen sink to be a beautiful addition to your kitchen, as well as a useful addition. With a granite kitchen sink, you can have the best of both worlds – beauty and usefulness. Here at Carved Stone Creations, we are the ideal source for the perfect granite sink to grace your home’s new kitchen. A granite sink speaks volumes about you as a homeowner. You have an...