Fountain Maintenance

Designing and creating custom stone fountains is one of our specialties. Natural stone can be transformed into any shape with unlimited details for a truly one-of-a-kind design. If you are considering a custom stone fountain for your space, check out our tips for starting the process:

1. Inspiration

The design process usually starts with an inspiration photo. If there are certain elements of different fountains you like, we can add them into your custom design. We can also replicate any famous fountain or a damaged fountain that you need replaced. Our ideas gallery is a great place to find inspiration. 

2. Measurements,...

Stone can be transformed into many shapes, designs and styles. Although stone fountains are typically thought of as the classic tiered designs, stone looks beautiful in modern designs, too. Take a look at four modern granite fountains:

1. Urn Fountain

This fountain is handcarved from Wild Rose granite and has a bush hammered finish. It has simple shapes from top to bottom to capture the modern design. The minimal carved details finish off the sleek design.

2. Tolken Fountain

This modern fountain features simple, but elegant, geometric shapes. It is handcarved from Giallo Fantasia granite and topped with a round accent...

There are several ways to enhance your home and garden using stone. Natural stone has been called the original building material and will express its timeless beauty in your outdoor environment! Plus, the aesthetic and functional uses of stone will boost the value of your property. Learn about five ways to add stone to your outdoor spaces: 

1. Benches

Strategically placed stone benches provide a comfortable place to kick up your feet and relax after strolling through your garden. Artisans transform natural blocks of stone into a variety of styles from rustic to elegant. Stone benches are a long-lasting addition to any outdoor...

Granite is the superior material choice for outdoor fountains because of its beauty and durability. The fountain design options are endless with stone! Choose your granite variety and as many or as few carved details as you like. Check out these three stunning granite fountain designs for inspiration!

1. Four-Tier Granite Fountain

Complement your garden with this classic granite fountain. Each tier on this fountain is hand carved with care by an expert artisan. It features a finial with Acanthus leaf details and petal-like basins. The neutral color of the granite will make a wonderful backdrop for plants and flowers in your garden,...

Warmer weather is here and summer months are approaching! Follow our fountain maintenance tips to keep your fountain looking and working great this season. 

Clear Debris

Remove all leaves, twigs and dirt that may have collected in your fountain basins during the winter. Leaving organic matter in the basins can stain the stone and damage the fountain pump.

You should also clear debris from the fountain pump. Pollen, leaves and dirt can collect and clog the pump. To clean it, remove the cover and rinse out the filter. Another way to clear buildup from the pump is to gently scrub away debris with an old...

There are endless design opportunities with stone fountains. View five unique designs for your garden:

1. Water Wheel

This water wheel fountain is a sculpture within a sculpture! The rustic granite fountain features a precisely sculpted paddle wheel and mill house placed within the hollowed out cavity of the large boulder. As the water flows, it cascades over the paddle wheel, causing it to spin. The water flows into the self-contained boulder basin below and is recirculated to flow through again.

2. Fish

This wide-eyed fish fountain is handcarved from Maple Leaf Red granite. The water carvings around the bottom of the...

If you are considering installing a fountain in your landscape this summer, you should take the material into consideration. While there are many stone types offered for fountains, granite is the best option.

Granite Fountains

Granite is one of the most durable stones. The only substance harder than granite is diamond. Unlike other stone types, granite does not have a porous surface that traps water. Water trapped in porous stones can cause the stone fountain to crack and crumble as the water freezes and thaws. 

You can enjoy the beauty of a granite fountain year round because they don’t need to be covered up in the...

Custom stone fountains are our speciality. The design options are virtually endless. If you can imagine it, we can probably create it! 

The photos in this blog are from a project we worked on from start to finish for Pinelawn Memorial Park on Long Island. The process outlined is typical for most custom fountain projects. 

1. The process typically starts with the customer sharing a photo of a fountain they would like replaced or replicated. You can find your inspiration in our idea galleries or from photos of classical fountains from around the world.

The photos below are of a deteriorating concrete fountain. Pinelawn Memorial...