Fountain Maintenance

Pondless water feature fountains are a wonderful addition to any landscape. They don’t require a visible pond or basin, but instead recirculates water through a hidden basin. The tranquil sound of water trickling down the fountain is relaxing as well as elegant. The process of installing a pondless water feature fountain is not as difficult as you may think when you have Carved Stone Creations at your side. We divide the process into a number of steps that are easy to follow and completed in a timely manner. The project we’re highlighting was one done in less than a day. We arrived for installation in the morning and were finished by...

Granite is one of the most popular stone types available. Learn five facts about this beautiful stone:

1. Granite is a type of igneous rock. Igneous rocks are formed from volcanic activity where the molten rock crystallizes deep below the surface with pressure and heat over millions of years. Since the stone is formed as a hot liquid, the minerals are mixed up and not in perfect layers like limestone or slate, making the stone stronger overall. Granite is mostly composed of the minerals quartz, mica and feldspar. It is harvested all over the world in many countries including Brazil, China, India, Norway and the United States.

All fountains need a basin to collect the water to be recirculated back through the fountain, but not all basins need to be visible. There are some fountain styles that are better suited for a pondless basin instead of a visible basin. Pondless basins allow the water to overflow into the ground, creating a more natural look. 

Take a look at three of our favorite pondless water feature designs:

Basalt Column

Pondless basins are perfect for fountains that have a more rustic look. The water flows over the surface of the natural rock finish on the basalt column fountain directly into the ground. The column fountain can be displayed...

Granite is one of the most durable types of stone available. It is a popular and highly recommended material for outdoor fountains. Stone fountains can be hand-carved into any design. Take a look at some of our favorite modern granite fountain designs. 

Tolken Fountain

This fountain features sleek lines and simple shapes. The water trickles down the sides of the pedestal into a square-shaped basin. This fountain is carved from Giallo Fantasia granite stone and is sure to last a lifetime. 

Take a closer look at this fountain. 

Twist Fountain

Granite twist fountains are simple, yet beautiful. This fountain features...

Fountains can be transformed with a few different accessories. Some accessories are necessary for running the fountain, while others are an add-ons that can take your fountain to the next level. Learn more about a few popular fountain accessories: 


A fountain pump is an essential part of a fountain. Fountains come in many shapes, styles and sizes. The pump you choose depends on the desired height of the water in your fountain and the amount of water flow, size and type of nozzles installed in the fountain. 

Spray Rings

A spray ring is a great way to draw attention to your fountain. A spray ring sits around the base of...

Maintaining the beauty of your stone fountain doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. There are easy ways to keep your fountain in top shape. Performing regular maintenance tasks will save you time and money in the long run. Learn our top three tips for maintaining your fountain.

1. Keep your fountain running

Keeping your fountain running is one of the easiest maintenance tasks you can do to keep your fountain in great condition. Keeping the fountain running will keep the water moving and reduce the chances of any buildup. It will also help to extend the life of your fountain pump the less frequently you turn it on...

Fountain basins are a must for pondless water fountain styles. Pondless water fountains allow water to overflow into the ground instead of into a visible stone basin. Pondless water features look more natural because the water is simply flowing into the ground.

When shopping for a pondless basin, choose one that is larger than the diameter of your fountain’s overflow footprint. The basin will be hidden, but will collect the water that overflows from the fountain. The basin can be hidden with pebbles, rocks or even some types of fabric.

View our full selection of pondless basins. 

Take a look at a few popular fountain...

Granite is a timeless, durable material that is perfect for outdoor fountains. Learn more about granite and explore some beautiful fountain designs: 

Granite is one of the most popular stone types for a reason. Granite is one of the hardest, densest natural stone varieties. Regardless of the conditions your granite fountain endures over many years, it is sure to stand the test of time. Granite is an ideal material for your fountain if you live in a colder, northern climate or an area with a freeze/thaw cycle. 

Other fountain materials, like cast stone, can’t match the unique, natural beauty of granite. Each granite variety and...