Fountain Maintenance

The fountain pump is what keeps your fountain going and flowing water. It is important to maintain your fountain pump regularly to keep it working properly. Below are some quick tips on how to maintain your fountain pump.

1. Clear Debris

The first and easiest way to keep your fountain pump running is to make sure there isn’t debris blocking the pump. Pollen, dirt and leaves are just a few of the items that can block your fountain pump. Eventually if there is too much debris, the pump will slow down or maybe even stop working altogether if it gets too bad. One simple thing you can do to keep your pump in great condition is...

Fountains come in all shapes, sizes and colors. One unique fountain design is the floating sphere style fountains. These fountains feature stone spheres that float and move with the water creating a truly mesmerizing display. Below are 5 beautiful sphere fountain designs that we love. 

Marble & Onyx Desktop Fountain

This desktop sized fountain is perfect for your desk at home or in the office. It features a hand-carved marble base and floating onyx sphere. The sound of flowing water creates a relaxing environment wherever you decide to place this unique fountain. Check out the video below to see this fountain in action. 

Bronze fountains are a great way to add sophistication and whimsy to your landscape. Bronze is a timeless, classic medium that brings warmth and head-turning beauty to any design. Below are five examples of beautiful bronze fountains to accent your home. 

Four-Ladies Dancing on Urn with Pedestal

This beautiful fountain is the perfect way to add elegance and interest to your landscape. The fountain showcases four ladies dancing. Each figure has exquisite and unique details. The earthy colors of bronze blend will blend into your landscape beautifully. 

Learn more about this fountain here. 

Ladies Playing Music Fountain

There is no denying the beauty and elegance a fountain brings to a landscape.  However, when it comes to the technicalities of choosing and installing the right fountain pump, many find themselves in unfamiliar territory.  With so many fountain pumps to choose from, how do you know you are choosing the right one?  

When determining what fountain pump you will need, there are 5 questions to ask:

1. How large is the fountain you want to run (Total Height & Bowl Diameter) and how high do you want your fountain to spray?

There are 3 main factors that determine fountain pump output: the water volume, the height of the water...

As the harsh winter winds give way to the warm spring weather, it’s virtually impossible not to get excited about switching out heavy coats for light jackets.  Many cannot wait to spend time outside in their own little oasis once again.  However, it’s important to remember that, although you may be eager to get your stone fountain running, it was exposed to the icy weather for several months and needs to be prepared for use throughout the warm season.  Here are some tips to get your stone fountain ready for spring once freezing weather has passed.

Free Your Fountain of Debris

The absolute first thing to do after winter...

Granite is one of the most durable stone types around. If you are considering installing a fountain in your landscape, consider choosing granite. This article explains why granite fountains are superior to fountains made from other materials. 

Note that if you live in a warmer climate a stone fountain made of a different material such as limestone or sandstone can be used outdoors without wear for a fairly long time. If you live in one of the following climates, granite is the best choice for your outdoor fountain:

•    Cold Climate
•    Northern Climate
•    Area with a freeze/thaw cycle

Even if you do live in a warmer...

Marble is an exquisite building material. It has been used for centuries for sculptures and carvings. With proper care, marble can be a beautiful material for fountains too.

The naturally softer properties of marble make this material perfect for highly detailed carvings in the stone. If you want a luxurious, one-of-a-kind, intricate fountain in your home, marble may be the perfect material for you. Keep reading to get some design inspiration for a marble fountain for your home.

•    This beautiful white marble wall fountain features intricate scroll details. The classic white marble this fountain is made of sets the stage for the...

Large estate fountains are beautiful and make a grand statement in a home, but sometimes your space doesn’t allow for such a large fountain. Just because you are tight on space, doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful stone fountain. Below are some fountains that work great in smaller spaces inside and out. 

Wall Fountains

Wall fountains work great in small spaces because they sit flush up against a wall and out of the way. Depending on the style of wall fountain you choose they can work inside and outside too. Below are two beautiful wall fountain designs that prove that a fountain can still make a great statement in a...