Fountain Maintenance

Have You Ever Dreamed of Having a Fountain on Your Property?

Designing a fountain is much like creating a work of art. Outdoor fountains make a graceful statement about a home by creating a pleasing and welcoming ambiance. They enhance the landscaping style of any property. Outdoor fountains are especially beneficial serving as camouflage for traffic noise and other nuances. They can be designed to swim in which can provide relief on a hot day.

Do you stand out from the rest of your friends? Does your landscaping?  We offer a wide variety of styles which will be sure to impress anyone who enters your yard. 

Whether you are...

In their own right, a fountain is an impressive feature for any landscape. However, going the extra mile with additional enhancements like multiple water features, spray rings, lighting, and timers can really make your fountain an awe inspiring sight to behold. If you have the budget and the idea we can make it happen! While such enhancements are not necessarily a regular part of our fountain designs and installations, we are glad to help you source and install such features.

First let’s talk about one of the mainstay features that Carved Stone Creations can add to a fountain; fountain spray rings. While the spray of water from a...