Designing and creating custom stone fountains is one of our specialties. Natural stone can be transformed into any shape with unlimited details for a truly one-of-a-kind design. If you are considering a custom stone fountain for your space, check out our tips for starting the process:

1. Inspiration

The design process usually starts with an inspiration photo. If there are certain elements of different fountains you like, we can add them into your custom design. We can also replicate any famous fountain or a damaged fountain that you need replaced. Our ideas gallery is a great place to find inspiration. 

2. Measurements,...

Summer is nearly here! If you are looking to add a unique flair to your outdoor space, consider adding natural stone pieces. Natural stone is stunning and durable, so your decor piece will look pristine for years to come. Include any of these three pieces in your landscape design:

1. Stone Lanterns

Unique stone lanterns will light up your landscape! These lanterns are handcarved from natural stone into shapes inspired by traditional Rankei, Yukumi and Pagoda shapes from Japan. They look great in any landscape. You can light up your lantern with a simple candle or electric lighting fixture. 


2. Stone Planters

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Stone can be transformed into many shapes, designs and styles. Although stone fountains are typically thought of as the classic tiered designs, stone looks beautiful in modern designs, too. Take a look at four modern granite fountains:

1. Urn Fountain

This fountain is handcarved from Wild Rose granite and has a bush hammered finish. It has simple shapes from top to bottom to capture the modern design. The minimal carved details finish off the sleek design.

2. Tolken Fountain

This modern fountain features simple, but elegant, geometric shapes. It is handcarved from Giallo Fantasia granite and topped with a round accent...

There are several ways to enhance your home and garden using stone. Natural stone has been called the original building material and will express its timeless beauty in your outdoor environment! Plus, the aesthetic and functional uses of stone will boost the value of your property. Learn about five ways to add stone to your outdoor spaces: 

1. Benches

Strategically placed stone benches provide a comfortable place to kick up your feet and relax after strolling through your garden. Artisans transform natural blocks of stone into a variety of styles from rustic to elegant. Stone benches are a long-lasting addition to any outdoor...

Granite is the superior material choice for outdoor fountains because of its beauty and durability. The fountain design options are endless with stone! Choose your granite variety and as many or as few carved details as you like. Check out these three stunning granite fountain designs for inspiration!

1. Four-Tier Granite Fountain

Complement your garden with this classic granite fountain. Each tier on this fountain is hand carved with care by an expert artisan. It features a finial with Acanthus leaf details and petal-like basins. The neutral color of the granite will make a wonderful backdrop for plants and flowers in your garden,...

April is Garden Month – the perfect time to spruce up your garden decor! Consider adding one of these three stone items to your garden to enhance it. 

1. Stepping Stones And Pavers

Stepping stones and pavers create walking paths throughout your landscape. Add natural stone paths to your garden to easily stroll from one area of your garden to another. Stone can be transformed into a variety of shapes. We have large turtle shell stepping stones to add a whimsical feeling to your garden.

Stone pavers can also be used to create walking paths, and they are a great way to finish your driveway, patio or pool deck instead of using...

With the weather warming up, it’s time to start thinking about updating your landscape! Adding stone to your garden will transform your landscape into a tranquil oasis. 


Artisan sculptors transform blocks of stone into exquisite fountain masterpieces for you to enjoy in your garden. The sound of trickling and bubbling water creates a relaxing atmosphere. Fountains are available in a variety of styles, from rustic to classic, to match your landscape.


Relaxing backyard ponds are taken to the next level with a stone bridge. Skip the rotting wooden bridges that will wear quickly and add a long-lasting...

Stone accents fit in perfectly with the natural look of a garden. Natural stone is durable, and it will bring beauty to your landscape for many years. There are a variety of ways to add stone to your garden. Take a look at five stone accents:

1. Planters

Large stone planters are perfect for medium-sized trees and shrubs and larger flower arrangements. The durability of natural stone means these unique planters will outlast traditional terra-cotta, plastic and concrete planters. Natural stone planters are available in a variety of styles from classic to rustic. 


2. Lanterns

One-of-a-kind stone lanterns add ambiance and...