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We were recently awarded a Best of Houzz 2016 award for our customer service!

More than 35 million Houzz users nominated the best home building, remodeling and design professionals around the world for the awards in three categories: design, customer service and photography. 

The customer service award is based on several factors, including number and quality of client reviews on Houzz. We always strive to make the design and purchasing process as smooth as possible for our customers.  

Houzz users had more than one million home building, remodeling and design industry professionals to choose from for the awards. We are...

Carved Stone Creations has a wealth of experience when it comes to designing and installing fountains. We have designed everything from wall fountains to large estate fountains and we can incorporate spray rings, additional sprayers, timers, lighting, recirculating pumps, and other features into your fountain as well. We carry many of the necessary pumps, hardware, and accessories in stock so everything is readily available for installation. We carry a wide variety of fountains in different sizes and styles that can be seen in our online store or in person at our showroom. This article will focus on the design and installation of a large...

Thinking of adding stone tile flooring to your new home or remodeling project? It's important to first consider where you will be using stone tile and what type of finish and characteristics you are looking for. The focus of this article is to give you a better understanding of the common types of stone and finishes and their characteristics. We will also talk about stone sealers and enhancers.

Stone Types

The main types of stone we carry for tile include: Travertine, Granite, Marble, Onyx, Quartzite, Sandstone, and Limestone.



Granite is formed by intense heat and pressure giving it a very hard, non-porous...

Thinking about adding a fountain to your garden or yard and wondering what kind of preparation is needed to have one installed?

This article shows the process of pouring a concrete slab for a fountain and how to set up access points for water lines and electrical power for the fountain pump and accessories such as lights. It’s important that the builder or contractor pouring the concrete for your fountain slab follows these guidelines to insure that the concrete pad is poured properly and up to spec to support the weight of your fountain and that the access points for water lines and electrical power to run your fountain pump and...

Want a fountain for your landscape or garden but don’t want a large pool and stone surround beneath it? Our years of experience designing and installing fountains has allowed us to perfect installing fountains in many different ways.

This article will focus on installing a self-contained fountain with an auto-fill sump reservoir.

So just what is a self-contained fountain?

A self-contained fountain is designed with a bottom bowl which catches the water that cascades from the upper tiers and recirculates back up the fountain via a water pump placed in the bottom bowl. This eliminates the need for the fountain to sit in a pond or...

So you’ve found the perfect fountain for your garden or landscape. Have you thought about how you want it installed?

Are you placing it in a pond or nearby one?

Do you want to (and have the space to) install it in a pool surround?

Would you rather have it stand alone?

Unless you are installing your fountain into an existing water feature such as a pond, many fountains will require some means to capture and recirculate the water that flows from them. Some fountains have a recirculating design, meaning that they were designed with a bottom basin or a lower tier that is large enough to catch any water that cascades from the...