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The color of the stone can change the feel of the piece or room it is used in. Keep reading to learn about five different stone colors you are sure to love.

NOTE: The pictures of the stone are all samples. Stone, as a product of nature, has natural variations and each piece is one-of-a-kind. The final product may vary slightly.

1.Giallo Fantasia Y

This stone is a granite and is a neutral color with darker flecks throughout. This Giallo Fantasia Y granite is perfect for a more subtle look, but it is still very interesting. The natural warm earth tones pair well with stucco, brick or stone homes and with a variety of landscaping...

When your home has a fireplace, you want it to look its very best. A fireplace is a focal point of the room it is in, and it should be a stylish, elegant focal point, not an eyesore. If your home has a fireplace that does not look its very best, Carved Stone Creations can help you reclaim the elegance and the grace that a fireplace should have. Remodeling your fireplace will give you the elegant structure that you want to grace your home. Our stone fireplace designs are ideal for bringing regal style to any home. A fireplace should be beautiful. It should be more than just a place to warm your hands on a cold night. With one of our...

There is a certain something special about stone flooring inside your home. The flooring of a home speaks volumes. It tells people upon entering what they can expect from the homeowners. If the flooring is drab and dirty, visitors won't feel as welcome – and they certainly won't be impressed. They may even look at you, the homeowner, and wonder if you are drab and dirty, too. You want your flooring to be immaculate, beautiful and elegant. You want it to demonstrate a certain level of class and sophistication. With stone flooring, you can meet all of those expectations and many more. Here at Carved Stone Creations, we have the stone...

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Written by: Morgan l. Morgan

Carved Stone Creations, President/Owner Rob Ripley Ripley can turn a hunk of stone into just about anything - a fountain, a stairway, one heck of a tub. Even a serpentine archway, if that's your thing. He's the vision behind an incredibly able architectural stone company. But he still has two feet on plane earth. We credit his honest roots (he once vegetable farmed to encourage a strong work ethic in his kids). Plus, the guy loves building Beauty for a living. "The best thing about my work is the satisfaction I get from exceeding the client's expectations. It makes my day when a customer...

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Rock Bottom Granite - Color Information Rock Bottom Granite offers stone products such as sinks, tiles, countertops, fireplaces, lighting, and outdoor products.

Mantels Direct - Creative Outdoor Fireplace Ideas Mantels Direct offers easy-to-install fireplace mantel surrounds and mantel shelves.

American Stone American Stone LLC specializes in granite countertops, fireplaces, stone, and tile installation and repairs. They are based in Connecticut.


Carved Stone Creations is happy to announce the opening of its online natural stone store. The store features around 1,500 natural stone products, from cleaning supplies, to outdoor granite fountains, to grand marble staircases. All products on the online store are available and in stock at their Kaukauna, Wisconsin location.

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CLEVELAND, OH, September 4, 2008 — The most comprehensive review of scientific data on radon emissions from granite countertops shows that contribution to indoor radon levels is well below EPA's guideline for action and even levels found in outdoor air. The study reviewed more than 500 measurements of radon emissions from granite published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. It showed that the average granite slab contributes to indoor radon levels that are:

  • 300 times lower than levels of radon in outdoor air,
  • 1,000 times below the average concentration of radon found in the air of U.S. homes, and
  • 3,000 times...