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Absolutely! Traditionally stone monuments in Europe and North America were made from marble and granite. Granite is much harder and can withstand centuries of weathering. Granite does not need to be covered or sealed outside but sealing it will provide stain resistance and will further enhance its weather-resistant properties. Marbles, as well as manufactured or cast stone, are softer and will degrade over time, especially in cold climates where water enters microscopic cracks and expands upon freezing, eroding the rock. Put your granite fountain outside and be confident!

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While it is difficult to permanently repair granite, it is also very difficult to damage it. However, if some damage does occur, using a mix of color-matched stone epoxy and ground-up chips of granite, the stone can usually be repaired.



















Caring For Your Stone Installation

The natural stone your have purchased for your home or office is an investment that will give you many years of beautiful services. Stone is a natural product and simple care and maintenance will keep it looking beautiful. You will find a large selection of high-quality "stone-safe" cleaners and sealers for all stone types available on our Stone Care Products page. Here are some recommendations for routine care and cleaning.

  • Use coasters under all glasses, particularly those containing alcohol or citrus juices. Many common foods and drinks contain acids that will etch or dull some...

Carved Stone Creations - Stone Design Portfolio

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Slide 2: Carved Stone Creations | 1 “Stone is our passion” Inside and out, set your project apart with the timeless elegance, beauty and sophistication of natural stone. Specializing in custom architectural stone and bronze, we pride ourselves in creating the most unique and extraordinary luxury home embellishments found anywhere. As your global stone source from design through completion, we’ll work with you every step along the way to ensure you only get the highest quality custom stonework for your home. Our talented team of designers will...

A timeless stone fireplace surround is the pride of any beautifully adorned great room. Perfect to enjoy and cuddle up with your partner during those notoriously bitter Minnesota and Wisconsin winters. You yearn to relax, and melt away the evening chills in the glow of your own custom stone fireplace. Visit our Fireplace Gallery for some beautiful pictures of stone fireplaces we've designed for our clients.

But where do you begin?

  • Stone Fireplace Design: STEP 1

First, identify your style.

  • Classical
  • Contemporary
  • Rustic
  • or something in between?

Fireplace photos will help you; especially if you don’t know...

Good fountain care really doesn’t take more than a few hours every few months to keep your water feature looking good and running properly for years. When you first get your water fountain, it may take a few days to get used to the way it runs. Depending on the humidity and the size of the fountain, you’ll soon discover how much water you need to add and how often. Keep the water levels up to prevent damage to your pump and clean the bowl and pump now and again and everything should run smoothly. Fountain pumps are usually hidden beneath the base of the model, flushing water up and out continuously. The water, which is recycled, will...

This video is from the Saturday Night Live skit Mike's Marbleopolis. "Nothing says classy like marble columns!" Click on the image to view our extensive collection of real genuine marble columns. We are your experts for designing custom marble columns and other natural stone columns. ...and no, Mike does not work for us selling his marble columns. (please be patient while the video loads...)


"Nothing transforms your life like marble columns."

We allow our large estate outdoor water fountains to run late into the year... ...because we can. Of course, each of our stone fountains is hand-crafted from solid blocks of granite, the most durable natural material available. The following video was taken on Nov. 10th outside our Wisconsin design center. A true test of our granite outdoor fountains.


WARNING: Do not try this with just any fountain! More porous materials like the manufactured cast stone fountains will absorb water before freezing and will develop cracks causing your fountain to fail. We're always replacing concrete fountains with granite tiered fountains...