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Statuary fountains are different than other stone creations because of their realistic carvings. Their shapes, designs and styles include classic female figures, children, angels, mermaids and more. Each fountain is skillfully carved to perfection with intricate detail. Here are 3 statuary fountain styles for your home:

1. Tiered Fountain

Give your home a classic feel with this tiered fountain. Tiered fountains range in size and design, especially when they include statuary designs. This fountain features Neptune, a Greek god, and mythical seahorses carefully carved with incredible detail. This creation is a focal point for any...

Light up the beauty of your landscape with handcarved lanterns! We offer Rankei, Yukumi and Pagoda lanterns, all of which have an oriental flair. Read how to enhance your landscape with oriental stone lanterns:

Reiki Lanterns

If you are looking to add cultural and oriental style to your landscape, these stone treasures are perfect. The reiki Japanese-style lantern is handcarved from natural stone and signifies healing. The word reiki itself is defined as, “a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient's...

From small to large and simple to intricate, tiered fountains are filled with endless beauty. These fountains vary in sizes and stone types and last for generations. Take a look at a few different tiered fountain styles for your landscape or garden:

Two-Tier Fountains

The egg-dart self- contained two-tier fountain on the left is the definition of elegance! This fountain complements any landscape with its intricate acanthus carvings on the pedestal and base. Another two-tier fountain style is the mermaid fountain with a classical dolphin pedestal. This fountain is a tribute to the sea, and includes two mermaids with clam shell bowls....

Stone architecture is an artistic and beautiful way to complement your home. The handcarved stone designs will add charm to any room as well as a unique element unlike any other. Take a look at four stone architectural elements to enhance your home:

1. Stone Corbel

A stone corbel is an architectural element with timeless beauty. Handcarved from natural stone, the designs range from simplistic to intricate. Stone corbels can be used to support the edge of your roof or balcony with a striking accent. That’s not all you can do with this architectural piece! You can combine corbels with a stone or wood shelf to create a mantel for...

Stone fountains are beautiful on their own, but various flowers help make them stand out in your garden or landscape. Whether you have simple or intricate designs, flowers can accent them all. Take a look at flowers that complement different stone fountains:

Tiered Fountains And Tulips

This particular handcarved three-tier fountain has a planting bed around it, ready for plants to accent its natural beauty. Even if there isn’t a built-in planting bed, flowers can be planted next to it. Tulips are one type of flower that can complement your stone fountain with various colors to choose from. Different stones shimmer various colors...

One of the best way to soak in the beauty of your garden and landscape is by sitting on a stone bench. The stone doesn’t just cool you off on a warm, summer day, its intricate design will also keep you in awe each time you see it. Here are four beautiful bench designs for your landscape:

1. Curvy

A curvy bench is one design option for your home. The playful design is not only elegant, but also comfortable to sit on. This serpentine garden bench is handcarved from Giallo Fantasia granite and is truly a work of art. The natural stone adds an artistic feel to your garden. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so make it your own by...

Stone pathways are timeless in their beauty and function. They are a charming way of leading one to a garden, stone gazebo or home. They can also be used for driveways, patios or walkways. Learn about three stone pathway designs for your home:

1. Pebbles

If you want to accent your water features or pathways, pebbles are your answer. They are natural stones that have been tumbled smooth with a polished finish. The polish finish keeps them shining like stars in the night sky. Pebbles can also be used for your planting bed to accent your flowers and landscaping.  

2. Stepping Stone

Enjoy every step you take as you prance...

Flowers and plants fill a garden with vibrant color, but it’s the handcarved stone decor that really makes the garden stand out. Here are stone landscape decor ideas for small gardens:

Stone Planters

Many people have beautiful plants, but don’t always have a unique way to showcase them. There are many stone planter design options to choose from. Your planter can be as intricate or as simple as your heart desires. Stone planters are just as beautiful as the flowers they hold. If you are looking for a way to make the simple more spectacular, a stone planter is an excellent option.


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