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Spring is here and the summer months are approaching! It’s time to get your fountain ready for action. Follow these four steps to take to ensure your fountain is clean and ready for the warm weather:

1. Clean Fountain

Before you fill your fountain with water, it’s a good idea to clean the surface of your fountain. This can be done by simply spraying with a hose or scrubbing the area with nylon brush. Cleaning your fountain will get rid of dirt, bird deposits and other remnants from the colder months. Chase the dirty water out or down the fountain drain. This will keep the area clean and ready for fresh water. 

2. Clean...

Have beauty surround your garden with a handcarved fountain! Fountains serve as a wonderful addition to any home, not just because they are handcarved from stone and have unique designs, but because there are numerous designs to choose from. Here are three beautiful fountain ideas for your garden or home:

1. Statuary Fountains

The possibilities are endless with statuary fountains! These handcarved fountains add a unique touch to your home because each statue is so different. They can range from dolphins spewing water to majestic greek gods. These intricate and spectacular designs add a special touch that will make your garden stand...

Do you want your landscaping to stand out from other homes and gardens? Are you looking for that special item to make your garden unique? Large stone decor is your answer! Here are five large stone landscaping decor ideas to incorporate into your garden:

1. Bridges

Feel like royalty as you walk over a beautiful, handcarved stone bridge! The oriental dragon bridge (left) carved from Giallo Fantasia granite is one design idea for your garden. It has two carved Chinese Dragons that are truly jaw-dropping. Embark on a tropical journey as you walk over a bamboo bridge handcarved from a single block charcoal grey granite. This bridge has...

Natural boulder sinks are truly one of a kind. These unique, handcarved sinks are created from real boulders. Boulder sinks come in different sizes. Learn about three distinctive boulder sink designs for your home:

Natural Rim

One beautiful boulder design is the light natural rim sink. These sinks offer a rustic design with a polished basin. As seen from the photo, the interior basin is polished while the exterior is left natural. The contrasting finishes make the sink stand out. Many traditional sinks are made from cast-iron and don’t always have a unique quality that sets them apart from others. While other sinks typically come...

There are many benefits to having a granite fountain. Granite has been used for home design and landscaping features for decades. Compared to other fountain types, such as cast stone, granite is the way to go. Here are a few benefits of having a granite fountain:

1. Durability

Granite is one of the most durable stones. Warm or cold, granite fountains will not crack like many limestone, cantera, marble or cast “stone” fountains tend to do during freeze and thaw cycles. If you live in a warm climate, a major advantage of granite fountains is low maintenance. People often use chlorine or bleach to clean their fountains. These...

Every fountain is unique and can be found at every price, depending on your budget and style. Check out these eight different stone fountain designs that fit every budget:

Budget: $20-$500

Some of our fountains are as low as $20, and are just as beautiful as the rest! The short triangle bubbling fountain (left) is a simple, yet exquisite, addition to any home or garden. Sometimes, less is more! The large bubbling basalt column fountain is $500 and serves as a unique addition to your garden! It provides a soothing water sound while accenting your landscaping with its rustic design.


Budget: $501-$1,000

The $544 single koi...

As the weather gets warmer, it’s the perfect time to add stone architecture and colorful plants to your landscaping! Gazebos, fountains and landscape decor are beautiful additions to any home. Different plants can also accent various architectural pieces. Here are three different plants and landscaping designs that work well together:


Gazebos add life and character to any home or garden. The Corinthian gazebo is handcarved from solid granite and has six unique columns. It features beautiful scroll work, griffins and floral design motifs. Although this gazebo looks stunning on its own, there are a number of plants that can...

Many people do not realize what a strong statement outdoor landscaping makes. The interior of your home is beautiful and well designed, so why not make your landscaping match that beauty? We offer a variety of stone accents and centerpieces that will make your landscape become a work of art. Here are three landscaping ideas for your home:

1. Fountains

Our diverse collection of fountains can add elegance to any outdoor landscaping! Our handcarved fountains complement gardens and make them stand out from the rest. Our classic acanthus leaf ornamented fountain enhances the beauty of a garden or landscape by having a petal-like basin...