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Are you an animal lover? Or maybe you just want to add a natural, whimsical touch to your garden? Consider adding a handcarved stone animal statue. We can transform a block of stone into your favorite animal. Take a look at some of our designs:


This tortoise is the perfect addition to your garden or pond. The statue is carved from charcoal gray granite. The polished shell will make this tortoise easy to spot in any landscape. 

Polar Bears

These polar bears aren’t just for the North Pole! The mother bear and her cubs are a heartwarming combination for your garden. The bears are carved from durable Bianco Catalina...

We were recently awarded a Best of Houzz 2016 award for our customer service!

More than 35 million Houzz users nominated the best home building, remodeling and design professionals around the world for the awards in three categories: design, customer service and photography. 

The customer service award is based on several factors, including number and quality of client reviews on Houzz. We always strive to make the design and purchasing process as smooth as possible for our customers.  

Houzz users had more than one million home building, remodeling and design industry professionals to choose from for the awards. We are...

Have you decided to add a fireplace to your home? Fireplaces add a focal point to any room. Stone is one of the most versatile materials available, so stone fireplaces can take on any look you can imagine. Our stone fireplaces are hand carved by an artisan for a one-of-a-kind design. With all of the possibilities, the design process can be overwhelming. We can help you along the way with our guidance and expertise. Are you ready to get started? 

The best way to start designing is to look for inspiration to help you hone in on your style. The Internet is a great resource to find inspiration. Check out sites like Pinterest and Houzz...

There is nothing better than relaxing with a warm bath after a long day. Sink into one of our spacious, hand carved bathtubs. View some of our designs:

1. Square Tubs

Take an unexpected approach and choose a square bathtub. The square shape of the tub allows for a large basin area for you to soak in. This style of tub can be sleek and modern with smooth sides or you can choose to have an intricate design carved into the sides of the tub. 

2. Oval Tubs

Oval tub shapes are more traditional, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t unique. There are an endless amount of stone colors available that can take the design to the...

Stone is a beautiful choice for kitchen designs. Many people choose to add stone to their kitchen for a more natural look. Natural stone is available in a variety of colors – each with their own distinct veining or variations in the stone. It is also durable and easy to clean. Learn how to incorporate stone in your kitchen:

1. Granite Sinks

Granite sink designs are more unique than traditional stainless steel or porcelain sinks. Granite is one of the hardest types of stone, so a sink carved out of granite is sure to stand up to everyday wear and tear. Also, unlike traditional sink material options, granite sinks are fully...

Thin stone veneer is a simple change that can make a large difference in the appearance of your home. It can be used in all areas of your home to enhance existing architectural elements. 

Thin stone veneer is made from natural stone cut to a consistent thickness. The stone veneer can be made from a variety of stone types, including quartzite, slate, travertine or granite. Each stone type is available in a variety of colors. 

Since the stone is thinly cut, it can be applied like a tile to many surfaces, such as walls, fireplace surrounds or building exteriors. 

Wall Stone

Thin stone veneer can be applied to walls inside or out....

Stone is versatile material. In addition to being used in fountain and fireplace carvings, it can also be added to your home in more subtle ways. Add stone to every room in your house with stone home accessories.

Bathroom Accessories

Swap out your traditional plastic or glass bathroom accessories and choose a luxurious stone option instead. We have sets available in a variety of stone types. The polished stone sets include toothbrush holders, soap dishes, cups and tissue box holders.

Teakwood Marble Bathroom Accessory Set


Stone vases come in all shapes and sizes. There are small tabletop vases perfect for...

Travertine is a popular material for fireplace designs because it can take on a great amount of detail. Travertine is a softer stone, which makes it easier to carve. The stone is naturally formed in mineral springs or hot springs in many areas of the world. In its natural state, travertine has many holes that are often filled to make the material more durable. Travertine is available in tan, white, cream and rusty colors

Take a look at five of our favorite travertine fireplace designs:

1. This two-story travertine fireplace makes a statement in this living room. It features columns on top of the mantel and on either side of the...