Galapagos Tortoise Statue

Brand: Carved Stone Creations
Product Code: 1674
Category : Bronze Fountains
Category : Bronze Statues
Category : Bronze Fountain Specials
Category : Bronze Statuary Specials
Availability: 1
Weight 300 lb
Price: $9,345.00 $7,008.75
Pricing is based on per piece

This Tortoise definitely won't beat the hare, but he'll keep you company in your yard! This bronze statue of a Galapagos Island Tortoise has an incredible amount of detail right down to the texture of his skin and the shell. Its further enhanced by patinas that give him his green skin and a convincing color on his shell.

This statue can also be used as a spitting fountain. The mouth of the tortoise includes an open tube that can spray water. However a water pump is not included. Contact CSC for pump size and installation recommendations. We recommend installing a pondless basin if you plan on using this fountain in your garden.

Dimensions: 61" L x 42" W x 54" H

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