Lady Wishing-Well Fountain with Angels

Brand: Carved Stone Creations
Product Code: 1654
Category : Bronze Statues
Category : Bronze Fountain Specials
Availability: 1
Weight 600 lb
Price: $15,531.00 $11,648.25
Pricing is based on per piece

The Heavens will smile upon you when you make your wish in this Well! This extraordinary bronze fountain features a beautiful maiden being visited by a group of angels as she makes her wish in the well. The fountain is enhanced with patinas and polishing to add color and visual contrast.

This statue can also be used as a fountain. Add a water pump (sold separately, contact CSC for pump size and installation recommendations) to make this a recirculating fountain with water gently cascading from the bucket above.

Dimensions: 42" L x 45" W x 82" H

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