1QT 511 H2O-Non-Solvent Penetrating Sealer

1QT 511 H2O-Non-Solvent Penetrating Sealer
Brand: Carved Stone Creations
Product Code: 1237
Category : Stone Sealers
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Weight 2 lb
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Water & Stain Protection for: Grout, Granite, Saltillo Tile, Brick, Quarry Tile, Marble, Slate, Concrete, Ceramic Tile, Limestone, Flagstone, Glazed Tile, Terrazzo, Travertine. 511 H2O is a water base penetrating sealer designed for the protection of all surfaces. It is not a surface coating and will not alter the natural look. 511 H2O is VOC compliant and does not produce a strong odor. It does not contain P.F.O.S. or P.F.O.A. Special Features include: Interior & exterior use, oil resistant, VOC compliant, odorless, safe to use, easy to use.
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