Care Kit - 511 SEnh,MirWipes, KleenWipes,MirClean

Care Kit - 511 SEnh,MirWipes, KleenWipes,MirClean
Brand: Carved Stone Creations
Product Code: 1244
Category : Stone Sealers
Availability: 2
Weight 5 lb
Price: $40.00
Pricing is based on per piece

All the products necessary to bring out the most vibrant colors while protecting and cleaning all stone surfaces including marble, snadstone, limestone and travertine. Kit includes: 511 Seal & Enhance, Miracle Wipes, Kleen Wipes and Miracle Disinfectant. SPECIAL FEATURES: _ Superior Stain Protection _ Interior/Exterior _ One Step _ Oil Resistant _ Water Repellant _ Will Not Yellow _ Enhances Color _ Grout Release _ Easy To Use _ VOC Compliant _ Good for Floors

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