3 Bench Designs For Your Landscape

One of the best way to soak in the beauty of your garden and landscape is by sitting on a stone bench. The stone doesn’t just cool you off on a warm, summer day, its intricate design will also keep you in awe each time you see it. Here are four beautiful bench designs for your landscape:

1. Curvy

A curvy bench is one design option for your home. The playful design is not only elegant, but also comfortable to sit on. This serpentine garden bench is handcarved from Giallo Fantasia granite and is truly a work of art. The natural stone adds an artistic feel to your garden. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so make it your own by choosing a color of granite that goes best with the surrounding landscape. 

Curvy Garden Bench

2. Contemporary

There are many contemporary stone bench designs that will make you and your guests stop and stare. This handcarved contour bench has a beautiful mix of natural elements and modern design. The rock base makes this bench stand out from other simple benches, and will intrigue you. It offers beauty and a seat!

Contour Bench

3. Backrest

If you want to be able to lean back with support when you are soaking up the sunshine, a stone bench with a backrest may be perfect for you. Handcarved from natural stone, you won’t ever have to worry about splinters or rotting wood, just timeless beauty. The design can be as detailed or simple as you want, and you can lean back and let your worries escape your mind!

Stone Bench With Backrest

Is there a bench design you want for your home? Contact us today! We turn your design dreams into a reality.