3 Bubbling Fountain Designs

Bubbling fountains bring the tranquil sound of flowing water to your garden. If you want to create a relaxing outdoor oasis, consider adding one of these bubbling fountains to your space.

1. Basalt Bowl Fountain

This large bowl fountain is hand carved from natural basalt stone. The top is slightly hollowed out to create a basin. Water bubbles up from the center to fill the shallow basin before spilling over the edge.

             Basalt bowl fountain

2. Bubbling Lotus Fountain

This bubbling fountain mimics a delicate lotus flower. Artisan sculptors hand carve a solid block of granite into a petal design. The water bubbles gently from the center and fills the bowl until it flows over the edges. We recommend installing a pondless basin with this fountain.

                                                bubbling stone fountain

3. Granite Twist

This unique column fountain is handcarved from giallo fantasia Y granite. The four sides of the column feature alternating polished and rock-face finishes. Water bubbles out the top of the fountain and flows down the sides of the beautiful natural stone column for a serene backyard experience.

                                                      Granite fountain

Explore our full range of bubbling fountain creations in our online catalog, or contact us for help creating your dream custom fountain.