3 Different Boulder Sinks For Your Home

Natural boulder sinks are truly one of a kind. These unique, handcarved sinks are created from real boulders. Boulder sinks come in different sizes. Learn about three distinctive boulder sink designs for your home:

Natural Rim

One beautiful boulder design is the light natural rim sink. These sinks offer a rustic design with a polished basin. As seen from the photo, the interior basin is polished while the exterior is left natural. The contrasting finishes make the sink stand out. Many traditional sinks are made from cast-iron and don’t always have a unique quality that sets them apart from others. While other sinks typically come in one solid, standard color, these boulder sinks have a wide array of natural colors within the actual stone.   

Natural Boulder Sink

Polished Rim

These stone vessel sinks have a polished rim and are cut from a solid natural boulder and polished by hand. The natural look offers a rustic touch to your home. The polished rim has a smooth finish and contrasts the different color shades of the rough surface. The texture of this sink is yet another quality that makes these sinks different from others, such as a uniform stainless steel or acrylic. 

Polished Sink


These unrimmed boulder vessel sinks have unique shapes and combine a dark polished interior basin with a natural rough earth-tone exterior. The rugged design with a rough stone texture and is a perfect example of a design idea made a reality. These durable sinks last a lifetime and always maintain their rich, unique beauty. 

Unrimmed sink

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