3 Famous Sculpture Stories

Ancient stories inspire many of our handcarved stone pieces. Learn the tales behind three of our inspired stone sculptures:

1. Boy With Thorn

The Boy With Thorn sculpture tops off this tiered fountain. It is inspired by a classic Roman sculpture believed to be the Roman messenger boy, Marcius. Legend has it he braved the pain of having a thorn in his foot to deliver an important message. The sculpture depicts the boy sitting and attempting to pull the thorn from his foot.

Boy with thorn statue tired stone fountain

2. Three Graces

This large marble fountain showcases the Three Graces from Greek mythology who represent charm, beauty and creativity. The Three Graces are believed to be the daughters of Zeus. In the mythological story, the Three Graces presided over banquets and other gatherings to amuse the guests of the gods.

antique marble fountain  Three graces statue

3. Venus De Milo

The Venus De Milo statue is considered to be the pinnacle of Greek classical sculpture and beauty. This replica depicts the famous Helen of Troy statue, which was discovered with missing arms. Archeologists believe her left arm held out an apple and the right arm held up her garments. The mystery of what became of her arms makes the statue even more intriguing.

Venus De Milo statue

Do any of these ancient stories inspire you? Recreate one of these famous sculptures in your own home. Contact us to begin the design process.