3 Fireplace Designs For Your Modern Home

Luxury and elegance are key to modern home designs. Send your home over the top and make it stand out with a one-of-a-kind stone fireplace. Take a look at three designs below. 

1. Mitered St. Croix Valley Limestone

This design features four steps around the edges leading down to the firebox and roaring fire. The sharply mitered steps down, make it feel like you are looking into a tunnel when gazing at this modern fireplace. The neutral color of the St. Croix Valley limestone finishes off this sleek design.

Limestone fireplace

2. Mystery White Marble

This bright white marble fireplace will be the highlight of your modern home design! This fireplace features three steps down from the firebox. If you look closely, you’ll notice shiny Absolute Black granite details between each step. The whole piece is polished to perfection.

White Marble Fireplace

Marble fireplace details

3. Sahara Gold Marble

Simple, modern design meets timeless marble beauty in this fireplace! It features uncomplicated yet elegant handcarved details and sharply mitered corners. The Sahara Gold marble stone features beautiful color variations and veining.

Marble fireplace?

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