3 One-Of-A-Kind Wall Fountains

Establish a sanctuary in your home or garden with a one-of-a-kind wall fountain. Wall fountains create a serene atmosphere with the relaxing sound of flowing water. These fountains sit flush against a wall to take up minimal space without sacrificing beauty. Wall fountains are available in any design you can dream up, but these are a few of our favorites:

1. Lion Wall Fountain

Add a taste of the wild to your garden with this handcarved lion wall fountain. The six-foot-tall design features intricate carved details in the travertine. The water flows out of the lion’s mouth into the basin below.

Lion wall fountain

2. Piazza Wall Fountain

Enchanting scroll patterns adorn this granite wall fountain. A polished stripe of stone outlines the back panel of this fountain to accent the unique shape. Water flows from the top of the fountain into a smaller basin before overflowing into the large basin at the bottom.

Granite wall fountain

3. Three Horses Wall Fountain

This intricately carved wall fountain features three lifelike horses along the back panel with the center horse leaping out of the design. The simple, elegant basin features smooth, rounded edges. The whole design is handcarved from colorful sunset red marble.

Horse wall fountain


If you are looking for a different size, style, color or design, we can help! We create custom wall fountains to match your vision. Contact us to start your dream design.