3 Pondless Water Feature Designs

All fountains need a basin to collect the water to be recirculated back through the fountain, but not all basins need to be visible. There are some pondless water feature styles that are better suited for a pondless basin instead of a visible basin. Pondless basins allow the water to overflow into the ground, creating a more natural look. 

Take a look at three of our favorite pondless water feature designs:

Basalt Column

Pondless basins are perfect for fountains that have a more rustic look. The water flows over the surface of the natural rock finish on the basalt column fountain directly into the ground. The column fountain can be displayed on its own or in a group of other column fountains.

Granite Twist

Pondless basins are not just for rustic fountain styles, they work with contemporary style fountains as well. This fountain is a twisted column with sleek, polished sides. The water bubbles out of the fountain, down the sides and sinks into the ground.

Granite Twist Fountain

Sitting Elephant

If your style is more whimsical, you will love this hand-carved elephant fountain. The elephant spits water out of its trunk and into a pond or the ground. If you choose to have the fountain flow into the ground, we recommend installing a pondless basin to catch and recirculate the water. 

Sitting elephant fountain

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