3 Statuary Fountain Styles

Statuary fountains are different than other stone creations because of their realistic carvings. Their shapes, designs and styles include classic female figures, children, angels, mermaids and more. Each fountain is skillfully carved to perfection with intricate detail. Here are 3 statuary fountain styles for your home.

1. Tiered Fountain

Give your home a classic feel with this tiered fountain. Tiered fountains range in size and design, especially when they include statuary designs. This fountain features Neptune, a Greek god, and mythical seahorses carefully carved with incredible detail. This creation is a focal point for any grand home and is sure to make you and your friends gaze at its beauty for hours. 

Large classical tired fountain with statues
Statuary tube filler fountain design

2. Tub Filler

Take a bath and listen to the soft subtle sound of water cascading down and filling your tub to your desired depth. This goddess of the pool tub filler is designed for a bath tub, small pond, hot tub or a small pool. Why fill your pool the regular way when you can have a majestic goddess fill it for you? This fountain is sure to have you swim and soak in style! 

3. Pedestal Fountain

This beautiful dancing woman pedestal fountain with a ribbon and torch is handcarved from green marble. It is a classic work of art that adds elegance to any area it is featured. Its distinctive, one-of-a-kind design makes this a beautiful piece to showcase to yourself and those fortunate enough to see it. Simple add a spray-ring in the basin to enhance the fountain effect.

Fountain design with dancing woman statue

If one of these fountains caught your eye, contact us today! If you have an idea of a fountain in mind, sign up for our free Photoshop presentation! We do all we can to make your vision and dream a reality.