3 Stone Staircase Designs

Stone staircases are a great addition to the interior or exterior of your home. They add a sense of grandeur and elegance. You can choose from a wide variety of stone types for your staircase. Depending on your preferences, your stone staircase can have intricate carved details and additional balustrades. Since stone is a versatile material, it can take any shape. Learn about three different staircase types:  

Outdoor Staircase

An outdoor staircase is great for a grand landscape. It can be used to connect two different levels of a garden or patio. Stone staircases also make for an elegant entrance to your home. You can choose from a wide variety of durable granite colors for your outdoor staircase. 

Stone staircase

Outdoor stone staircase

Curved Staircase

Curved staircases create a unique feel to your home. Since stone can take many shapes, a curved staircase is easily achieved. The staircase curves range from a subtle bend in the otherwise straight design all the way to a spiral shape.

Curved stone staircase

Spiral staircase

Double Staircase

If space allows in your home, a double staircase is a grand option. Many times double staircases are curved and include a balustrade design at the exposed landing at the top of the stairs. 

Double staircase

Double staircase?

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