3 Stunning Bathroom Sink Styles

Sinks are often the focal point of a bathroom’s design. The right sink will be more than functional, it will also pull together your bathroom’s design. Check out three stunning bathroom sink styles:

1. Vessel Sinks

Skip a plain undermount sink and showcase a one-of-a-kind stone vessel sink in your bathroom. Vessel sinks celebrate the design elements of the sink by displaying it on top of a vanity for all to see. This sink style can range from modern to traditional depending on the way it is carved and polished. Vessel sinks can be carved from a variety of stones, including granite, marble, travertine, limestone and onyx. The design options are endless!

Stone Vessel Sinks

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2. Pedestal Sinks

Take your favorite basin design and put it on a pedestal! The pedestal bases and sink basins are handcarved by artisan sculptors to enhance the natural beauty of the stone and create a cohesive look between each section. Pedestal sinks let you do away with a traditional vanity since they can stand on their own. They are also perfect for bathrooms short on space. 

Stone Pedestal Sink

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3. Boulder Sinks

Add a rustic touch to your bathroom with a boulder sink design! These sinks are created by carving a basin into a real boulder and polishing the inside to reveal the stone’s unique qualities. The striking contrast between the rough boulder exterior and smooth basin makes it the focal point of your bathroom design.

Boulder Sink?

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