4 Modern Fountain Designs

Natural stone can be carved into many different fountain styles, from classic to modern. The sleek lines and simple shapes of these designs will fit perfectly with your modern landscape!

1. Granite Twist

This column fountain features one simple twist, making it stand out from other fountains. Water bubbles out the top of the fountain and down the alternating polished and rock-face finished sides. As water hits the granite stone, it reveals a nice contrast between the wet and dry stone. Many stone colors are available like this carved charcoal grey granite.

Granite twist fountain

2. Cascading Pedestal

This modern fountain is hand carved from giallo fantasia R granite. It features a smooth honed finish and geometric shapes. Horizontal cuts on this design add a contrasting texture to the overall smooth granite. This fountain design works great with a pondless basin!

Cascading fountain

3. Tolken Fountain

The clean, simple lines of this tolken granite fountain will complement any modern landscape. It is handcarved from giallo fantasia granite and has a bush-hammered finish. The design is adorned with a round accent planter. Water trickles from the top of the pedestal and down all four sides.

Modern granite fountain

4. Pedestal Sphere

This pedestal fountain features a floating polished sphere. As the fountain water flows, it sets the sphere in motion. Both the pedestal and sphere are carved from bianco catalina granite. This modern fountain is truly mesmerizing!

Sphere fountain


Are you interested in adding a modern fountain to your landscape? We can create a custom design just for your space. Contact us to get started!