4 Tips for Extraordinary Landscaping

Extraordinary Landscaping

Truly beautiful landscaping requires more than just trimming the grass and cleaning up the shrubbery. It’s about taking a plot of land and transforming it into a timeless oasis. To polish your home’s curb appeal, follow our tips for extraordinary landscaping.

1. Compliment the Style of Your Home

When choosing pieces for landscaping, make sure that they flatter the style and architecture of the house.Clashing designs may create confusion.  This does not necessarily mean that everything must match the house exactly, rather create a flow that is pleasing to the eye. If you are struggling to find the perfect complimentary pieces for your yard or garden, enlist the help of a professional.

2. Don’t be Afraid of a Grand Scale

A large, grand piece will help to add height and depth to landscaping. A show-stopping granite fountain, for example, will add lots of visual interest to a garden. A well-balanced design is key to great landscaping, so when choosing a large piece, be sure to choose sparingly. A yard filled with enormous pieces will throw off the balance of the design, but one beautifully crafted centerpiece fountain will add the desired elegant touch.

Extraordinary Fountain

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3. Give it a Purpose

Lay out the landscaping in a definitive way. If you have gorgeous fountains and sculptural pieces, do not just randomly spread them around the yard. Items like whimsical bronze sculptures were made to be seen; therefore you will want to make sure the items are placed accordingly.

Another great way to create flow and give purpose to your landscaping is by using paths and patios to create a defined place for people to go. This works especially well in gardens. By using natural stone pathways, viewers are guided through and able to admire all of the beautiful plants, sculptures and fountains. This is another way to ensure all of the artistic pieces will be seen and enjoyed.

Extraordinary Bronze Sculpture

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4. Upkeep is Key

To continue the elegant esthetic, it is important to upkeep your landscaping pieces. Regardless of the material, cleaning and caring will ensure constant beauty, as well as longevity of the piece.
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It only takes 7 seconds to create a first impression. Follow these 4 landscaping tips, and your home will have a lasting impression on all those who pass by.