5 Beautiful Bubbling Fountain Designs

The sound of bubbling and flowing water creates a relaxing atmosphere in your garden or home. Bubbling fountains are low-pressure fountains that bubble water above or onto the surface of the fountain instead of shooting the water into the air like other fountain styles. 

Each bubbling fountain is unique with its own detailed carvings that come to life when water flows across the surface. These fountains come in many shapes, sizes and styles. View some popular bubbling fountain designs below. 

Bubbling Basalt Column Fountain

This fountain style is one of the most popular bubbling fountains. The different heights of the columns (pillars) create variety and interest. We recommend installing a pond-less basin with this fountain style for the best look. Basalt Column Fountains are available in 18-inch to over 7-feet tall.

Bubbling Rock fountain

Leap Frog Bubbling Sphere Fountain

This bubbling fountain is hand-carved from natural Mermaid Green Granite stone. It features two frogs with polished accents on top of a polished granite sphere. Add a playful touch to your garden space with this fountain. It works great in ponds, too. 

Granite Twist Fountain

This contemporary style fountain is hand-carved from Giallo Fantasia Y Granite. The twist shape features alternating finishes on each side of the fountain including polished surfaces and rougher, rock-face finishes. The bubbling water will flow over the different textures of the fountain surface creating an interesting display.

Granite twist fountain

Basalt Bowl Fountain

This rustic style fountain is created from natural basalt stone. It features taller corners that create a bowl shape in the center of the fountain. The bowl collects water before overflowing over the edges of the fountain into a basin (we suggest installing a pond less basin for the best results). 

Carved Spiral Bubbling Fountain

The graceful hand-carved spiral details enhance the shape of this charcoal grey granite fountain. The water bubbles out of this bubbling fountain and flows through the spiral details creating an attractive waterfall pattern. We suggest adding a pond less basin to your garden if you plan on using this fountain. 

Spieal bubbling granite fountain

There are bubbling fountains available for every taste. Check out more bubbling fountain designs here. Custom size, shape, and colors are available. Contact us for more information on how to create a custom fountain that is uniquely yours.