5 Beautiful Fireplace Designs

A stone fireplace is a beautiful centerpiece to any room. Whether you have a classic or modern style, there is a stone fireplace for you. This article highlights five different fireplace designs we are sure you will love. 

1. This fireplace design is simple and modern, yet elegant. The light color of the stone accents the darker wood behind it. With this design you can relax by the fire and watch TV at the same time. 

modern fireplace

2. This fireplace looks like it is made out of wood but it is actually carved from Woodvein Sandstone. The coloring and texture of this stone has a look that is very similar to a natural wood grain and it gives a warm look. The scroll work on the sides of this fireplace accents the overall sophisticated look. 

Sandstone Fireplace
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3. This fireplace is carved from Travertine and includes inlays of Marble for an accent. The incredible amount of detail on this fireplace in combination with the size, really makes a statement in this room. The light color of the stone really pops against the dark woodwork.

Travertine Fireplace
4. This beautiful Travertine fireplace spans two stories. If you really want to make a grand statement in your home, this fireplace will achieve that look perfectly. The columns and arch accent the look and create the perfect finishing touch. 

Two Story Travertine Fireplace
5. This Medieval castle inspired fireplace features a family crest in the overmantle. In addition, there is a large relief carving that features a medieval jousting match. 

Gothic Fireplace
From modern to classic to medieval, there is a fireplace style for you! For more fireplace inspiration, check out our ideas gallery. 

Learn how to design the perfect fireplace for your home, download our Fireplace Design Guide. 

create an amazing fireplace design