5 Exquisite Bronze Sculptures For Your Home

Bronze sculptures are beautiful accents for your home or garden because they are created with painstaking detail. Lost wax casting is the process used to create breathtaking elements in each bronze sculpture. Artisans developed the lost wax casting method more than 4,000 years ago. This method is still used today because it is still the most precise method of casting. Take a look at a few exquisite bronze sculptures:

1. Herons

Three graceful herons sit on a branch in this majestic bronze sculpture. Cattails surround the incredibly detailed birds. Varying patina detailing enhances the entire sculpture and adds color and contrast. This lifelike sculpture can also be used as a fountain. The herons’ beaks and tips of the cattails include tubing to spray water, if you choose.

bronze herons sculpture

2. Sharks

This bronze sculpture depicts three deep sea predators in amazing detail. Three intertwined hammerhead sharks swim around in this design, appearing to glisten with the blue-green patina and gloss finish. At 24-inches tall, this sculpture is the perfect size for a desk, shelf or table decoration in your home or office.

Bronze sharks sculpture

3. Reading Boy

This sculpture depicts a boy relaxing on a bench reading a book. It features lifelike detail from top to bottom, including the fabric of his clothes and each strand of hair. The sculpture is enhanced with patinas to add color and visual contrast.

Bronze boy sculpture

4. Wishing Well

Add this charming bronze wishing well to your garden for a beautiful accent. It features a group of angels visiting a beautiful maiden as she makes her wish in the well. Add a water pump to turn this sculpture into a fountain.

Bronze wishing well

5. Eagle

This bronze sculpture depicts a bald eagle swooping down from the sky to land on a branch. The sculpture has lifelike details from the feathers to the talons. A variety of patinas and polishes are used in this design to bring the eagle to life.

Bronze eagle sculpture


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