5 Fountain Styles to Enhance Your Garden

Take your garden and make it spectacular with stone fountains. They are durable, unique and offer a lifetime of beauty. Get inspired with these five fountain styles:


Basalt fountains will transform your garden into a tranquil oasis. This bubbling basalt column fountain creates a soothing sound of water that will allow you to  relax and enjoy the beauty far and near.


If you have a wild or exotic side, why not show it with a stone animal fountain? Take a trip to paradise each time you look at this spitting dolphin fountain! Hand carved from natural stone, this fountain will make you feel like you are watching dolphins in the ocean. Enjoy the beauty of the whimsical dolphins by incorporating this statue into your garden.

4 Dolphins fountain design
Outdoor Bubbling Fountain


Bubbling fountains are low pressure fountains that elegantly bubble water above or onto a surface instead of shooting it out. These fountains produce a soft, subtle sound that brings peace wherever it is placed. This bubbling lotus bowl is handcarved from Bianco Catalina granite with a classical lotus petal design.


From one tier to four, the possibilities are endless. These fountains come in a wide array of sizes, shapes and stones. The fountains stand the test of time and always offer a relaxing site. This 4-tier acanthus self-contained fountain is handcarved from natural stone and features a classic acanthus leaf. It truly is one of a kind!

4 tired acanthus fountain
Boulder fountain with black sphere

Floating Sphere

Are you looking to be a rebel and defy the law of physics? Floating sphere fountains let you do just that! These fountains have large stone spheres floating on water and are held up by water pressure. You won’t believe your eyes every time you look at this fountain, which makes it an instant topic of conversation. This large boulder with a polished black sphere fountain will serve as a striking focal point! Set your garden into motion with this treasure.

Have any of these fountains caught your eye? If so, contact us today! If you have a particular vision in mind, sign up for our free Photoshop presentation and make your dream come to life.