5 Intricate Stone Fireplace Designs

Stone is a versatile material that can be carved into many shapes. Designs can feature simple, clean lines or intricate, carved details. Fireplaces are the perfect canvas to showcase the possibilities of stone. Take a look at five fireplace designs with intricate details to spark your inspiration. 

1. Travertine With Acanthus and Floral Details

This statement-making fireplace surround features lifelike floral details throughout the design. Its bowed mantel also has a carved pattern along the edge. The color of the Honed Light Oriental travertine makes the details jump to life.

Travertine fireplace

Travertine stone fireplace mantel

2. White Marble With Overmantel Mirror

This exquisite handcarved fireplace features a matching overmantel and mirror. The white marble is adorned with a variety of botanical details, including acanthus leaves and lotus flowers. A skilled artisan carved this fireplace with care, so each piece is unique.

White marble fireplace surround

Marble fireplace mantel

3. Marble With Acanthus Leaf Detailing

This French country-style fireplace surround is handcarved from Beige Venato marble. Every inch of the surround includes intricate details for a timeless design. Elegant scrollwork and beautiful floral details accent the surround.

Fireplace surround

Marble fireplace mantel

4. Antiqued White Marble

You don’t have to search to see the intricate, handcarved details on this fireplace design! The garland of flowers swoops across the front of the fireplace and takes center stage. The garland, accented with large corbels on each side and Acanthus leaf carvings, makes this fireplace one of our favorite styles. Plus, the antiqued white marble adds dimension.

Intricate fireplace mantel

Antique white marble fireplace mantel

5. Charcoal Grey Granite

Add this regal accent to your home! The high-shine of this polished Charcoal Grey granite fireplace brings out the stunning carved details. Each leg of the fireplace features a regal lion head carving. The mantle has Acanthus leaf carving accents to finish off this beautiful design. 

Granite fireplace design

Fireplace mantel?

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