5 Mesmerizing Onyx Sink Designs

Onyx was used in ancient Egypt for bowls and pottery items. It is still used today for various home decor pieces. Onyx is a popular stone used in jewelry, and this semi-translucent stone also makes a luxurious bathroom sink. 

1. Red Onyx Vessel Sink

This rimless red onyx vessel sink captures simple elegance. Since onyx is a natural stone, each vessel sink is one-of-a-kind. Depending on the piece of stone, this sink can have more red veining or more cream-colored swirls. Onyx looks beautiful polished and placed in a metal sink stand.

Red Onyx Vessel Sink

2. Contemporary Square Onyx Sink

Complement your home’s contemporary style with this square vessel sink. The chic shape combined with the warm red onyx stone will look great placed on top of a vanity.

Red Onyx rectangle sink

3. White Onyx Contour Sink

Add an oval contour sink to your bathroom for an unexpected look. The white stone brings brightness and simplicity to smaller bathrooms. This sink would look great placed in a stand or on top of a vanity. 

White onyx sink

4. Light Green Onyx Sink

This vessel sink is handcarved from light green onyx stone and features varying shades of green throughout with subtle red-brown veining. The swirl pattern of this stone will mesmerize you each time you use it. This particular sink design is topped off with a rim around the top of the sink basin.

Light green onyx bathroom sink

5. Rimmed Red Onyx Sink

Get lost in the colors of this red onyx vessel sink. This stone variety features many colors swirled together for a beautiful sink. The polished finish brings out the captivating pattern found in this red onyx variety. The sink design also features a rim around the top of the basin.

Red onyx bathroom sink ?

All onyx sinks are one-of-a-kind since they are carved from natural stone with varying color patterns. If you are interested in learning more about our onyx sinks, contact us