5 Natural Stone Vessel Sink Designs

Natural stone vessel sinks are a beautiful alternative to a traditional under mount sink. Stone comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns and with a vessel sink you get to highlight the beauty of the stone right on your bathroom countertop. 

Vessels sinks come in a wide variety of styles which will suit almost any taste. As with any natural product, no two will be the same so you’ll have a one of a kind piece in your home. A hand carved vessel sink will take your bathroom from ordinary to unique. Highlight the beauty of natural stone with a vessel sink. Below are five beautiful sink designs. 

1. Red Onyx

Red Onyx Vessel Sink

Red Onyx Polished Unrimmed Vessel Sink

This red onyx sink is a rimless vessel sink design. The polished finish on this sink brings out the beautiful colors and pattern of this natural stone. Add a modern faucet for a truly unique look. 

2. Giallo Fantaisa Granite

Giallo Fantasia Granite Vessel Sink

Giallo Fantasia Rock Face Unrimmed Vessel Sink 

This Giallo Fantaisa granite vessel sink takes on a more rustic look. This sink is an unrimmed vessel sink design. The rough texture of the exterior of this sink combined with the polished interior makes for an eye-catching contrast. Add a rustic style faucet to complete the look. 

3. Absolute Black Granite

Absolute Black Granite Vessel Sink

Absolute Black Polished Unrimmed Vessel Sink

This Absolute Black sink is an unrimmed vessel sink style. The high gloss shine from this polished sink gives off a sleek look. Pair this sink with a modern style faucet for a truly dramatic look. 

4. Ocean Mist Marble

Marble Vessel Sink

Ocean Mist Polished Marble Vessel Sink

This Ocean Mist marble sink is a breathtaking vessel sink design. The polished bowl brings out the classic veining of this stone. The cool color will bring a refreshing look to your bathroom. Add a silver faucet to compliment this sink and complete the look. 

5. Beige Venato Marble

Marble Natural Stone Vessel Sink ?

Beige Venato Marble Polished Unrimmed Vessel Sink

The classic creamy color of this marble vessel sink is perfect if you want a traditional look. This sink is designed to complement a beautiful home. The polished finish on this sink brings out the beautiful veining this natural stone has to offer. Complete the look with a traditional faucet. 

As you can see no two vessel sinks are the same. Each sink is truly unique and fits with a different style. With all the options, you are sure to find a beautiful sink for your home. 

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