5 Stone Architectural Elements For Your Home

Are you thinking about incorporating stone architecture in your home? Stone is not only extremely durable, but also highly unique. The intricate design possibilities and architecture makes stone an excellent choice to spruce up your home. Take a look at these five architectural elements for your home:


Stone corbel Stone Corbel

A corbel is a beautiful architectural element to add to your home. Our handcrafted stone corbels can be used in a number of ways to accent your home. It can be used to accent your garage or to support your roof, balcony, fireplace mantel or shelf edges. Corbels add to your home’s decorative pieces for endless artistic possibilities!



Turtle fountain

Incorporating a fountain into your garden is a great way to add architectural interest to your landscape. There are many different fountain designs you can pick from, as well as a number of different stone types to choose from. We also have custom design capabilities, if you can imagine a design we can create it! Whether it’s a complement to your garden or an accent to your home, stone fountains add a unique quality that can last for hundreds of years. 


stone Planter Stone Planter

Stone planters are another excellent architectural element to add to your home or garden. Handcrafted from natural stone, these planters are incredibly durable and can be used indoors or outdoors. Choose from a variety of different designs that will accent your garden for years to come. Whether you are looking for a contemporary or classic style, our stone planters are the perfect addition to your home.  

Landscape Decor

Stone Gazebo

Elephant statue

Landscape decor is a unique and classic element to add to your garden. No matter how much space you have available, there is always a way to add architecture to your garden! A gazebo offers the perfect place to relax on a beautiful day, especially since many of them include built-in stone benches. Stone sculptures are another idea to incorporate into your home. Whether these designs are a stone sculpture of a smiling Buddha or an animal, they are all one of a kind. 


Stone Lantern

Stone lantern?

Light up your home with beautiful stone lanterns! These carved stone lanterns add serenity and tranquility to your garden and home. The various designs offer you with many options ranging from traditional oriental designs to a boulder lantern fountain. These different lanterns offer you a variety of different ideas and designs to add to your home. 

Are you interested in incorporating stone architecture to your home and garden? Contact us today!