5 Stone Bathtub Styles

Adding a stone bathtub to your bathroom instantly transforms the space from average to breathtaking. Stone bathtubs can be customized into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece for your home. When you start with a single block of stone, the design options are endless! Take a look at five style options:

1. Contemporary Light Travertine

This bathtub adds a spa-like feel to any bathroom. The clean lines and light travertine will brighten up any space. The sharply angled ends of the tub make this exquisite design very unique.

Stone bathtub

2. Round Onyx 

This beautiful bathtub is handcarved from mahogany onyx stone. The stone’s coloring and veining resembles the look of wood, bringing warmth into your bathroom. This particular design also features a matching step set to make getting in and out of your bathtub a breeze.

Onyx Bathtub

3. Rustic

If you are searching for a natural-looking bathtub for your bathroom, look no further! This rustic boulder bathtub captures nature’s timeless beauty with its rough exterior finish. 

Rustic stone bathtub

4. Classic Slipper Tub

This timeless design features a classic oval shape, but it is anything but boring. The handcarved details around the base and rim of the tub finish off the elegant design. 

Slipper style bathtub

5. Intricate Details

The intricate handcarved details on this bathtub will take your breath away! This design features a basketweave pattern around all sides of the oval tub. The design is topped off with a braid-like detail around the base and rim of the basin.

Handcarved stone bathtub?

Do you have a dream bathtub design idea? Contact us and we’ll help you make it a reality! If you know you want a stone bathtub but aren’t sure where to start, check out our bathtub ideas gallery to get inspiration.