5 Stone Care Tips

stone care tips?

When you invest in something beautiful made out of natural stone, of course you want it to stay looking beautiful for years to come. Read the top five stone care tips below to learn what you can do to keep your stone investment looking great.

1.Know your stone

Before you can even think of cleaning or caring for your stone you need to know what type of stone it is. Natural stone can be classified into two different categories. It is important to know what type of stone you have, so you can use the proper cleaning products. The two categories are:

•Siliceous Stone: This stone is made up of silica or quartz like particles. Some examples of siliceous stones are granite, slate, sandstone, brownstone, bluestone, and quartzite. This type of stone is typically quite durable and easy to clean.
•Calcarous Stone: This stone is made up of calcium carbonate. Some types of calcareous stones are marble, travertine, onyx, and limestone. Calcarous stone is typically less durable and requires special cleaning products.

2.Use Coasters & Trivets

Think twice before setting your drink down without a coaster underneath it. Citrus juice and alcohol can specifically be quite abrasive on your stone. If some spills out from your cup, the coaster will protect the stone. Also, before you set a hot pot or pan down on the stone think about using a trivet. Although most stones can handle the high heat, the use of a trivet will help to keep the stone looking beautiful for longer. 

3.Use Proper Cleaning Products

Now that you know what type of stone you have, you should be able to determine a type of cleaner that should be used. Make sure to use the proper cleaner on your stone type to keep it looking beautiful.


Sealing is done on some types of stones to help repel stains. Remember that sealing doesn’t make a surface “stain proof” but it can help to make the surface resistant to stains. Some stones don’t require sealing, but if your stone does require some sort of sealant it is best to apply one to keep the stone looking great for years to come.

5.Care for Stains Promptly

If you spill something or notice a stain on your stone, the best thing to do is care for it as soon as possible. The longer it sits on the stone the harder it will be to get out. Depending on the type of stain or spill, you will have to care for it differently. Identify the type of stain and care for it using the proper cleaning method. 

By caring for your stone properly, you will help it to stay beautiful for years to come. 

Download this handy stain removal guide for more information. 

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