5 Stone Colors You’ll Love

The color of the stone can change the feel of the piece or room it is used in. Keep reading to learn about five different stone colors you are sure to love.

NOTE: The pictures of the stone are all samples. Stone, as a product of nature, has natural variations and each piece is one-of-a-kind. The final product may vary slightly.

1.Giallo Fantasia Y

This stone is a granite and is a neutral color with darker flecks throughout. This Giallo Fantasia Y granite is perfect for a more subtle look, but it is still very interesting. The natural warm earth tones pair well with stucco, brick or stone homes and with a variety of landscaping stone. Another plus is that the ample supply of this granite helps to keep the cost lower than other golden-tan granites. It is also available in large block sizes for monolithic stone fountains.

Gaillo Fantasia Y Sample:

Gaillo Fantasia Y Stone Sample
Here are two examples of the stone used in fountains:

Stone fountainStone Fountain
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2.Golden Cypress

This stone is also a granite stone. It has a finer grain which allows for highly detailed carving. It is also unique because the color is similar to the natural or buff tones of Indiana limestone, but it is durable because it is granite.

Golden Cypress Sample:

Golden Cypress Granite
Here are examples of this stone used in fountains:

Golden Cypress Granite FountainGolden Cypress Granite Fountain
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3.Cabo Sands

This stone is a granite too. It features a similar color palate to the costal desert rock formations of Cabo San Lucas. The colors in this stone offer more of an old-world look with moderate color movement throughout the block. A unique feature of this stone is that is can achieve two distinct looks. When it is dry it is a cool blue-grey and when it is wet it turns to a deep yellow-gold.

Cabo Sands Sample (showing both wet and dry):

Cabo Sands Granite
Here is an example of this stone used in a gazebo:

Cabo Sands Granite Gazebo
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4.Serengeti Gold

This stone is a warm earth toned quartzite. This stone can be cut to many different shapes and sizes so it is perfect for a variety of applications including flooring, mosaics, showers, back splashes, wall stone, exterior veneer stone, pavers and pool coping. Quartzite is a similar texture to slate, but unlike slate, quartzite is harder and denser which allows it to be used outside even in freezing climates. 

Serengeti Gold Sample:

Serengeti Gold Quartzite Sample
Here are a few examples of the stone in use:

Serengeti Gold Quartzite Pool SurroundSarengeti Gold Quartzite Stone WallSerengeti Gold Quartzite Stone Wall
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This Travertine has a bold multi-color palette and wild variation. It is perfect if you are looking for a unique stone. In addition to the popular Versailles patter floor tile, it is also available in a wide variety of mosaics, wall tile, trim, moldings, pavers and pool coping.

Scabos Travertine Sample:

Scabos Travertine Sample
Here is an example of the stone in use in a wall tile:

Scabos Travertine Stone Wall?
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There you have it, five unique stone colors we are sure you will love. 
If you are interested in other stone colors check out the stone samples page on our website.