5 Stone Home Decor Ideas

Stone home decor items are the perfect finishing touch to your home. Stone products can be both functional and decorative. With stone, the opportunities are endless. Explore some stone home decor items below.


Stone vases can take any shape or size. Each vase can be carved from a variety of stone types like onyx and marble. Since the vases are carved from natural stone, no two are alike. 

Stone Vases

Polished Butterscotch Onyx Bamboo Vase

Marble Vase

Polished Light Saffron Marble Tall Floor Vase

Candle Holders

The unique veining and colors of hand-carved stone candle holders are the perfect perch for a candle. Consider adding stone candle holders to your fireplace mantel or coffee tables. Candle holders are available in intricate, classic designs and sleek, contemporary styles. 

Candle Holder

Square Concave Polished Green Onyx Candle Holder

Marble candle holders

Polished Beige Venato Marble Candle Holder


Jade carvings are available in many different sizes. Each carving is intricately carved with many details. The carvings each depict a unique scene. 

The carving below features a large oriental tree scene, luminous moon, detailed cranes and foliage.

Large Jade Carving

Large Jade Carving-Cranes

If you prefer a smaller sized carving, there are many different options to choose from. The piece shown below is carved from one single piece of jade. The sculptor used red color deposits in the jade to carve out the red grapes and flowers. The intricacy of this carving is breathtaking. 

Jade Carving

Jade Carving Grape Clusters


Skip a traditional wooden table and add a touch of stone to your room with a hand-carved stone table. Stone tables are available in a variety of durable stones including travertine, onyx and marble. 

Marble stone table

Twin Cherub Pedestal Table, Beige Venato Marble

Onyx Table

Onyx Coffee Table

Stone Table

Light Oriental Travertine Acanthus Hall Table


Add some stone to your desk at home or at work. Paperweights that are carved from natural stone are one-of-a-kind and a beautiful addition to your office decor.

Stone Paperweight

Pyramid CSC Logo Paperweight Paradiso

Stone Paperweight ?

Pyramid CSC Logo Paperweight Black Galaxy

Whether you are looking to add a lot of stone elements to your home or just a touch, there is a beautiful stone home decor piece for you. For more ideas, view our home decor section in our online store.