5 Unique Bronze Fountain Designs

Bronze fountains are a great way to add sophistication and whimsy to your landscape. Bronze is a timeless, classic medium that brings warmth and head-turning beauty to any design. Below are five examples of beautiful bronze fountain designs to accent your home. 


Four-Ladies Dancing on Urn with Pedestal

This beautiful fountain is the perfect way to add elegance and interest to your landscape. The fountain showcases four ladies dancing. Each figure has exquisite and unique details. The earthy colors of bronze blend will blend into your landscape beautifully. 
Ladies Dancing Bronze Fountain
Dome top Bronze Fountain Ladies Playing Music

Ladies Playing Music Fountain

This exquisite statuary bronze fountain features breath-taking details that will add a classical element to any landscape. It features ladies playing music and a domed top. Various bronze patinas and polishing enhance the incredible detail of this piece. 

8 Woman Musicians Fountain

This statuary bronze fountain features breath-taking details. The eight women featured in this design are all playing instruments. Each element of this two-tiered fountain is unique. The natural tones of this fountain make it a perfect addition to any landscape or home décor design. 

Lady Wishing Well Fountain

This extraordinary bronze fountain features a beautiful maiden being visited by a group of angels as she makes her wish in the well. The details are brought to life with various patinas and polishing. This fountain is sure to enhance your landscape. 

3 Herons on Branch with Cattails

This bronze statue features 3 incredibly detailed Herons resting on a tree branch among cattails. The statue is beautifully enhanced with patinas to add color and contrast. This unique fountain is perfect for any natural landscape. 

These are only five examples of beautiful bronze fountains that are available to create that special touch in your landscape. For more examples, see our Bronze Fountain Designs. 

If you are looking for a completely unique bronze piece, contact us about creating a design that is all your own.

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