5 Unique Bronze Sculpture Designs

Bronze is a unique material. The level of detail that can be achieved using bronze is truly remarkable. (Our sculptors use lost wax casting methods by starting the process with clay models which allows them to capture hair, cloth, fur, feathers, scales, and other textures with incredible realism.)  

Bronze is beautiful, distinguishable and durable; perfect for an outdoor setting. This material features many qualities that allow the pieces to last for centuries. 

Below are a few beautiful bronze sculpture designs you will be sure to love:

Standing Bear

This bear statue is the perfect conversation piece. The statue features realistic details in the face, fur and claws that bring this bear to life in your landscape.   We also have other standing bears that portray a less aggressive stance, if that is your preference.

Bronze Bear Sculpture


This statue depicts an eagle about to take off in flight. The use of bronze material in this statue allows for intricate details in the talons and feathers.  Click the photo to see the exquisite details that make this statue truly come alive

Bronze Eagle Sculpture

Kids on Tree Branch

These kids lounging on a tree branch is a unique addition to any landscape. The children look quite realistic.  Click the photo to check out the details on this whimsical statue

Bronze Sculpture


Add a group of herons to your landscaping with this interesting bronze statue. This multi-use, captivating design features several herons resting on a tree branch surrounded by cattail foliage.   (It can be used either as a statue or a fountain, as water can pour out of the mouths of the herons and the tips of the cattails.) 

Bronze Herons Sculpture

Sea Turtles with Tropical Fish

This realistic sea life scene shows the gorgeous colors/patinas that can be produced on a bronze sculpture.  Click the photo below to see a family of sea turtles lazily swimming amongst brilliantly colored tropical fish.  

Bronze Sculpture

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