5 Ways to Incorporate Stone in Your Bathroom

Stone is commonly used in bathrooms. It is a beautiful, timeless building material. This article highlights five ways to incorporate stone into your bathroom. If you are thinking about a bathroom remodel, this article is sure to give you some design inspiration.

1.Stone Bathtub

A natural stone carved bathtub sure makes a statement in a bathroom. If you like a relaxing bath, a spacious stone bathtub is for you. Check out some one of-a-kind stone bathtubs below:

white marble soaking tubMahogany Oval Onyx tub

2.Stone Sinks

There are several different styles of stone sinks to choose from. There is sure to be one that fits your taste. Stone sinks are perfect to create a unique look in your bathroom. Below are some different styles of natural stone sinks.

hand carved granite sinkred onyx sinkButterscotch onyx sink

3.Shower Surround

Use some unique natural stone tiles to create a beautiful look in your shower. There are a wide range of different stone types to use to get the exact look you are after. Check out some different shower surrounds below:

shower surroundshower surround


Stone tiles are perfect flooring for a bathroom. Stone is durable, so it will stand up to heavy foot traffic, and it is easily cleaned. Stone flooring tops off an elegant look. Check out these stone flooring samples:

stone flooring patternstone flooring pattern


Ditch the typical wood vanity and choose a sleek stone vanity instead. A stone vanity creates a sophisticated look in the bathroom. Below are a few examples of stone vanities:

stone vanity stone vanity?

There you have it, five ways to incorporate stone in your bathroom. Try incorporating one, or a few, of these ideas in your bathroom.

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