5 Ways To Make A Statement With Stone In Your Home

Stone can be used for more than your garden. It is a great addition inside your home, too! Fountains, fireplaces and bathtubs are just a few of the ways to make a statement indoors. Choose one of these statement-makers to add a touch of stone to your home, or add all five to make an impact in every room! 

1. Indoor Fountains

When you add a fountain inside, you add the relaxing sound of flowing water to your home along with timeless beauty. Some people may think a fountain will take up too much room or overpower other decor elements, but stone fountains can be created in any shape or size! 

Wall fountains are a popular indoor fountain design because they sit flush against a wall and out of the way. Since they are against a wall, they don’t interfere with walkways in the room. Pedestal fountains are another great indoor fountain type. Unlike other fountain styles, these fountains sit up straight on a column instead of spreading out at the base like a tiered fountain. Many of these styles are also self-contained, so they don’t need a collection basin at the bottom.

Travertine wall fountain  Pedestal Fountain

2. Fireplaces

Adding a stone fireplace to your home will add warmth and beauty! Like stone fountains, fireplaces can be created in any shape or size. If you are looking to add a grand statement to your home, consider a two-story fireplace surround. If your home doesn’t have space for a large fireplace, there are also smaller surrounds available. Both fireplace sizes will be the focal point of your room! 

Two-story fireplace  Stone fireplace

3. Bathtubs

Sink into a smooth stone tub and relax! These freestanding stone bath tubs offer a unique bathing experience and make a statement in your bathroom. Each tub is carved from a solid block of stone in a variety of stone types and colors. Choose from tubs with sleek designs or intricate carvings.

Stone bathtub  Detailed stone bathtub

4. Kitchen Hood

Ditch a traditional kitchen hood for one of these stone kitchen hoods. The large size of the hood adds height and scale to your kitchen. The design is up to you and can include intricate carved details or simple, modern lines. 

Detailed stone kitchen hood  Travertine kitchen hood

5. Statues

Statues range from classical figures to contemporary designs. Each statue is handcarved with care by a skilled artisan. Adding one of these beautiful statues to your home will make everyone turn their head when they walk in the room. 

Marble Cherub Statue  Abstract Couple Statue?

Are you ready to make a statement in your home? Contact us to start designing your own custom creation!