7 Ways To Enhance Your Home With Stone

Natural stone pieces add one-of-a-kind style to your home. From sinks to statues, there are plenty of pieces to choose from.

1. Flooring

Updating your flooring to natural stone can change the entire atmosphere of a room. Flooring tiles are available in light colors (e.g., travertine, limestone and more) and darker colors (e.g. slate, quartzite and more) to match your personal style. Stone flooring tiles can be arranged in a number of patterns. If you really want to add your own flair, consider adding a mosaic focal point design. Natural stone flooring

2. Sinks

Add function and style to your kitchen or bathroom with a natural stone sink. We recommend granite sinks for kitchens because they are very durable. We have double- and single-basin sizes in apron-front farmhouse and undermount style kitchen sinks. Bathroom sinks are available in many shapes, sizes, styles and colors. From classic pedestal sinks to rustic boulder sinks, there are styles to match any home. Granite kitchen sink granite bathroom sink

3. Fountains

Bring the relaxing sound of flowing water to your home with an indoor fountain. We recommend wall and pedestal fountains for inside because they require less space but still makes a beautiful impression. We specialize in custom fountain designs, so bring us your ideas and we’ll help you transform them into reality. Wall fountain

4. Fireplaces

Natural stone fireplaces like these add warmth, beauty and style to your home. We create stone fireplaces in many styles from modern to gothic. Fireplaces can be created in many sizes, too. Add an overmantel to your design to create a breathtaking focal point in your home. Fireplaces can be carved from a variety of stone types, including travertine, marble and granite. natural stone fireplace stone fireplace overmantel

5. Statues & Sculptures

Statues can be added to any room of your home to bring new life to your space. We design and create lifelike figure statues and abstract sculptures. Each design is handcarved with care by a skilled artisan to capture the spirit of the animal, person or figure in stone. Marble cherub statue

6. Columns

If you are remodeling your home, consider adding natural stone columns to your design. Columns add structural support and architectural interest to your space. Columns can also define rooms without closing them off, frame doorways and more. Natural stone architecture

7. Decor

If you aren’t ready for a major remodel, but still want to add stone to your home, consider adding smaller stone home decor pieces to your space. Handcarved vases, candle holders, lamps and more will make a beautiful statement in any space. Marble lamp base  Onyx candle holder Are you ready to enhance your home with stone? Contact our design experts to find the perfect pieces for your home.