A Profile of our Company President Robert Ripley in Post Crescent’s 2010 A List Magazine

2010 A List

Written by: Morgan l. Morgan

Carved Stone Creations, President/Owner Rob Ripley Ripley can turn a hunk of stone into just about anything – a fountain, a stairway, one heck of a tub. Even a serpentine archway, if that’s your thing. He’s the vision behind an incredibly able architectural stone company. But he still has two feet on plane earth. We credit his honest roots (he once vegetable farmed to encourage a strong work ethic in his kids). Plus, the guy loves building Beauty for a living. “The best thing about my work is the satisfaction I get from exceeding the client’s expectations. It makes my day when a customer says, “It’s more beautiful than I ever thought it could be.” He lives to set his passion in stone. He gets a pang of excitement each time he strolls through his showroom. To this day he’s blown away by the reach of his work, creating corbels and grand entrances for the entire nation while shipping product all over the globe. his days fly bay; 12 hours disappear without so much as a Sayonara. he’s worked hard to make something out of the sweat of his brow. And he wants everyone to know that a little luxe from Carved Stone Creations is very much attainable. “Most people think they cannot afford to shop at Carved Stone Creations. But [they] are pleasantly surprised to have the luxurious experience of being in a million-dollar showroom and, because of our direct purchasing, discover that prices are reasonable and often times less than other stone stores.” After eyeballing the company website-noting the scale and grandeur of the projects, the tricked out lion-headed marble tubs-we’re just loving those words together. Luxurious. Reasonable.