Add a Rolling Ring Fountain To Your Landscape

Set your landscape into perpetual motion with a rolling ring fountain. This fountain seems to defy the laws of physics as it rolls the 4 foot diameter 800 lb marble ring atop flowing water. The ring is held up merely by water pressure, which in turn pushes it into a rolling motion. To create high pressure, tight tolerances are used to close the gap between the granite ring and the stone pool. Due to this small gap, the water cannot escape out of the sides and must instead go out parallel to the direction the granite ring is rolling. The ring is slightly offset in order to make the water escape in a desired direction. This makes sure all of the water is used to efficiently roll the ring. The water spills into the deep rectangular basin and recirculates with an auto fill pump.

Rolling Ring Fountain

To further display the kinetic motion of the rolling ring fountain there is also a 50 lb. granite ball inside of the ring that sits in a groove. The ball rocks back and forth inside the groove as the ring rolls. These captivating fountains make for an intriguing and unique addition to any landscape and will keep guests to your home or business marveling at how they work. They are truly a conversation piece that will not be forgotten! The sound of the bubbling water and the smooth continuous motion of the ring also create a relaxing and tranquil effect that will put you at ease. Interested in something similar for your home or business? Contact us today to see what we can do for you Carved Stone Creations is located in Kaukauna, WI and we are a reasonable drive away from many Midwest metro areas including Milwaukee, Madison, Chicago, Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, Traverse City, Davenport, Des Moines, St. Louis, Kansas City, Cincinnati, Columbus, etc. Visit our showroom to see first hand what we can design for you. Our convenient centralized location also means we can bring all of the tools and heavy equipment we need to tackle any installation job. We understand the affect our harsh Midwest winters can have on exterior stone work and we design and install architectural stonework like fountains, statues, exterior stone veneer, etc with those factors in mind. We’ll make sure the stone work we install for you stands up to the weather and the test of time! Outside of the Midwest? We can install there too. We have done work from New York to Florida to California as well.