Add a Unique Accent to Your Home with a Fireplace Overmantel

An interesting addition to any stone fireplace design is an overmantel. As the name implies, an overmantel sits over top of the fireplace mantel and extends towards the ceiling. While a normal fireplace is attractive and serves as a focal point in it’s own right, adding an overmantel really draws attention to the fireplace as it creates a strong vertical visual path and draws your eyes upward towards the ceiling of the room.

2 story overmantle fireplace

This magnificent Golden Orient Travertine Fireplace in our showroom features an overmantel that towers to the ceiling and has a contrasting red onyx slab inset above the mantel. A pair of carved lions sit atop the first mantel which would usually be the top of a normal fireplace, and a second deep mantel sits above them which could still be used as a display space for vases, flowers, or other decoration.

overmantle fireplace carved lions

2 story overmantle with column fireplace

Here’s another 2 story overmantel fireplace we did for a client. The Corinthian columns flanking the fireplace match the columns that support the 2nd story balcony. A mirror is inset into the overmantel, and a hand painted mural decorates the archway above it.

gothic castle remodel fireplace

This regal gothic limestone fireplace has a hooded overmantel that is actually made from thinner curved tile attached to an internal framing structure made from metal studs and sheetrock. This saved considerable weight and material but still achieved the aesthetic the design called for. Besides hooded designs like this, we can also wrap around square existing block or brick chimneys which bump out from a wall with stone cladding.

stone fireplace overmantle framing

Here you can see the internal framing behind the tile that makes up the overmantel. Besides being an aesthetic feature, and overmantel can also serve a function too. Let’s take a look at some past client projects we have done that include some different types of overmantels.

stone fireplace overmantle with artwork

This overmantel design has a stepped inset which is perfect for framing the artwork hung upon it.

stone fireplace overmantle with mirror

This fireplace in our showroom which is in stock, ready to order and features an overmantel with a mirror which is framed with hand carved leaves. The mirror surround is a beautiful compliment to the French Country styling of the white marble fireplace and the botanical theme of the other carving details. It would make a great addition to a master bedroom.


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