Animal Statuary Design Ideas

Are you an animal lover? Or maybe you just want to add a natural, whimsical touch to your garden? Consider adding a handcarved stone animal statue. We can transform a block of stone into your favorite animal. Take a look at some of our designs:


This tortoise is the perfect addition to your garden or pond. The statue is carved from charcoal gray granite. The polished shell will make this tortoise easy to spot in any landscape. 

Stone Tortoise Statue

Polar Bears

These polar bears aren’t just for the North Pole! The mother bear and her cubs are a heartwarming combination for your garden. The bears are carved from durable Bianco Catalina granite to stand up in any type of weather. See this statue in person to notice all of the intricate carved details that make these bears truly come to life. 

Polar Bears Statue


Add exotic wildlife to your landscape with these zebras. The statue is carved from charcoal gray granite. Artisans created the stripes by polishing sections of the stone. The stripes create a unique color and texture contrast. 

zebras statue


Don’t be afraid, this crocodile doesn’t bite! This realistic-looking crocodile isn’t alive. It’s handcarved from natural stone. The mermaid green granite is a nearly perfect color match for a real crocodile’s skin. Our artisans handcarved the scales into this statue with incredible detail to make a realistic statue. 

Crocodile Statue


Are you a cat lover? This pair of playful cats is carved from coffee brown marble. This stone type has medium and dark veining that mimics the natural color variations in some cats’ fur. 

Sitting Cats Statue?

What’s your favorite animal? We can transform a block of stone into any type of animal. You can also shop our wide selection of premade animal statues here. Contact us for more information.